Dejavu 11

Super Tuesday 2008 is now history, and now - under the present circumstances with many of the voters in many states of the union having already shown their preferences, and having seen Romney withdraw from actively and publicly campaigning - this webauthor would like nothing better (politically) than to see a Huckabee/Romney ticket come November 2008. Either that, or waste my vote casting it for Ron Paul rather than selecting black-power squirt or Billary.

After all, who wants to get a high hard one from kickboxer Chuck Norris?

Reverend/Shrink religious-conservative-spoksman James Dobson is impressive, being that in past years he supported Howard Phillips for President (as did yours truly) rather than resort to the Doledrums; now - thank his God - he at least endorses a candidate in the GOP mainstream.

With hardhead critic McCain, we do have another Bob Dole, and it is telling to see his website-boasted credential-referenced lineup of has-beens and losers (like Dole, Kemp, and other RINOS who are "Republican In Name Only"). Even McCain-endorsing Pawlenty (the governor of the state I reside in) barely won his re-election over Mike Hatch, and Pawlenty was not able to get Mark Kennedy in (with the DFL feminist Amy Klobuchar easily conquering).....nor keep islamic Keith Ellison out.

I fail to understand why the paid-off-to-brainwash faltering-predictive-analysis media plus republican-party hierarchy in general presumes that boring and aged McCain will be a vote-getter among the myriad throngs of impatient and irreligious democrat voters mindlessly gung-ho with Obama or Hillary. Rather than Washington-as-usual monotonous Keating-Five McCain, the spend-themselves-into-a-depression senseless like the promise-them-everything empty yet inspiring rhetoric of black pro-choice-for-abortion-option Obama, or the dangerously-moody, scandal-ridden, feminist, right-wing-hater Hillary Clinton?

Do we get the impression that as McCain consorted with Ted Kennedy and that that John changed his mind about the Bush tax cuts, that he - for political expediency - voted positively on prolife legislation for political condemnatory McCain accused formerly-nonenlightened or duressed Romney for being positionally tricky in TFK/Barney-Frank-infested Massachusetts?

The Huck is determined. He is eloquent and genuinely responsive. Not a wimp, but not harsh. Sympathetic with decent and hardworking Mexican immigrants, but eager to defend American borders for national security.

In stark contrast to mere corruption-entangled senators like Obama, Hillary, and even McCain, Mike has already been [Arkansas] governor of a small-scale version of the federal government for a number of years and therefore has the crucial experience of managing and appropriating (actually and realistically, not simply rhetorically) all branches and levels of government (including state police and National Guard) to take on the U.S. Presidency. As is Romney but not like McCain, Huckabee is an interesting witty negotiator and pleasant-personality diplomat. With the respected reputation of a Baptist clergyman, yet without denominationally proselitizing sectarian radicalism, he is a welcomed personality of peace through strength against the present terrorism of extremists attempting to impose cultic-islamic theocracy by genocidal and suicidal force.

McCain is a military-minded hardhead who would continue to lead us down the same bomb-them-into-submission tyranny now seeming to continue endlessly within Iraq. While Huckabee and Romney would not engage in premature ejaculation against the people or Iraq nor our consentually-enlisted-to-fight troops, dialogue both from a former Baptist minister and a high-morality Mormon would do much to bring from-the-ground-up democratic betterment of the entire Mideast region, while supporting the security and well-being of Israel among the surrounding hordes of infidel russian and arab antisemites.