Dejavu 14

This author was brought up in his dad's fine and honorable Reformation-tradition religious denomination of the Augustana Lutheran Church. That merged into the Lutheran Church of America, which then merged into the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. However, I do not consider myself allied with the despicably anti-Scriptural homogay-tolerant-and-acceptant feminist-clergy-polluted pro-minorities-racist attitudes and activities of many within the present E.L.C.A. In my case therefore, yours truly is merely a significantly-ashamed shadow member of that substantially-heretical sectarian-cultic denomination.

I think that "Mormon" Mitt Romney is in a similar dilemma.

Mitt Romney (presently a GOP U.S. Presidential candidate) a professed "Mormon."

It has been reported that he (in previous non-enlightened ignorance and for temporary political expediency) supported (in duress) some of his constituency who were pro-abortion-choice (frequently miscalled: pro-abortion-"rights") when governor of Massachusetts.....and that instead of adhering to the Massachusetts State Constitution requiring the Massachusetts State Legislature to enact policy against homogays, he instead turned enactment over to the pro-homogay Massachusetts Supreme Court to [purportedly] "legalize" homosexual "marriages" [so-called].

He has alluded to that issue many times in his public speeches.

[Speaking of abortion, there are some who object to replacing the phrases: "abortion rights" and "abortions performed" with the correct phrases: "abortion crimes" and "abortions committed" because they presume that abortion is now "legal" and will forever stay "legal" since the U.S. Supreme Court has not reversed Roe v. Wade nor officially illegalized abortion at present. However, the so-called "legality" of abortion is in flux, and (as is the case with other issues) such things are unofficially illegal in the minds of Christian people before they are eventually acknowledged publicly as officially illegal by worldly government courts].

By default, according to the expressly-stated beliefs of the Mormon church - which church [rather forthrightly] calls itself The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.......a sizable number of Mormons:

1. do not want a Christian cross on the top of any steeple of any Mormon church nor temple (for when Christ Jesus returns, will He ever want to see another cross?)
2. believe that Jesus (or, more accurately: The Son of God) existed in spirit and was spirit Son-of-God brother of fellow-spiritual-being Archangel Lucifer in heaven before Jesus was humanly conceived at human conception
3. believe that Divine Son Jesus was not THE Almighty Father (nor the same as THE Father) but rather united in purpose with Him and "begotten a spirit child."
4. believe that "Jesus atoned for the sins of everyone in the Garden of Gethsemane" by making the choice to go through with it all there in the Gethsemane garden, and "will assign everyone a celestial, terrestial, or telestial kingdom after they die but before which assignment they can repent and choose to be good even if they had occasionally chosen to be evil."
5. believe that a [mythical] "angel" named "Moroni" revealed "on gold plates" that "the King James Bible and other Christian Bibles contain serious and vital omissions that need to be compensated for and completed with equal-authority-to-Scripture Divinely-inspired revelations from modern prophets [who have concocted such apocrypha-like writings] as "The Pearl of Great Price," "The Doctrine and Covenants," and especially "The Book of Mormon"."
6. believe that if anyone drinks any alcoholic beverage and/or caffeine (as in coffee) he is not assured of going to be with the Father in heaven after he dies.
7. believe that "God the Father (manifested in the has-come-in-the-flesh God-in-flesh Jesus of His Heavenly Father and at-His-birth-yet-virgin Mary) has a flesh-and-bones body, was once a man, and has a [catholic?] heavenly mother."

One can clearly see that candidate Mitt Romney will be pressured and pursued by those of false cults who "proclaim another gospel" of "a different Jesus" - to their eventual and eternal damnation.

If Rommy gives in to that, he would then become a satanic devil - disguised as an angel of light - and not fit to be Commander-in-Chief. We must not be fooled by ecclesiastically-religious heretics donned in cultic-denominational clothing exhibiting nitpicky-rules ritualism shows. Pretty and harmonious music can not only come from false-evangelical/heretic-"church" choirs but from a metro gay chorus.

Added to that, Obama and crowd must realize that to simply plagiarize and associatively tack on the name Martin Luther before a royal-sounding last name will not justify racist rhetoric inciting disruptive disturbance against the peace. "MANY will say to Me in That Day: "Did we not prophesy and do many mighty works in Your Name?" And The King will respond to those wolves in sheep's clothing: "Depart from Me into the Everlasting Fire.....I never knew you."

Should not "Mormon" candidate Mitt Romney be expected to keep absurd, foolish, and ridiculously-heretical religion (and consequential government decisions relating to such) away from disasterously devastating the American people?

To counteract the genuinely-demonic theocratic false cult of radical and extremist anti-"Great-Satan"-America islamic and muslims bellowing out their blasphemous "Praise allah!" blatterizings, we need a Romney who properly defines and identifies our American 'In "God" We Trust' with the TRUE God whose authentically"-holy name is engrained within the phrase: "Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints."

Mitt Romney is an alert and energetic, willing-to-listen and interested-in-listening open-minded diplomatic and internationalist stateman who will not allow anti-Christian islamic jihadists to defile America with their terroristic blasphemy, yet has stated that he respects the fervent-knelt-down prayers of devout muslims (as do all decency-minded Republicans, Independents, Democrats, etc. who also admire the modest-attire-during-summertime dress of fundamentalist islamic women, as they do Old-Order Roman Catholic nuns). Even Saint Paul noted, in the New Testament book of Acts, those who "were very religious" (though non-enlightened as to the object of their worship and as to who they should instead worship).